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Principal's Message

Coalbanks Elementary School would like to welcome all families to our school community.  We are all very excited to be developing this school culture collaboratively.  The entire administration and staff have been working diligently to create a wonderful learning environment to ensure the transition for every student and their family is a smooth one.  The school’s academic focus is one that has a strong foundation, but will continue to be developed throughout the year.  We can share that literacy will be a primary school goal as we feel that this is the foundation for all learning and is vital for every child’s educational development.  

The staff of Coalbanks Elementary School considers itself a partner with you and the community in providing an education to meet the needs of your child for now, as well as in the future. We are committed to your child. Our focus is and will always be what is in the best interest of the students we serve.

We invite parents and family members to be active, engaged partners in the learning experience.  Together we can make a difference for every child in the school community. We know that children learn in many different ways and at varying speeds and this is reflected in the planning, preparation, classroom organization, management and differentiation of instruction used by our professional staff. We are sensitive to the total developmental needs of all students. We will focus on developing each child through a holistic approach.  This is where we develop each child’s academic, social, physical, emotional, and technological aspects of their education. We will set high, and realistic expectations for our students as we guide them through their educational journey.  We endeavour to work cooperatively with parents to provide the best learning environment and opportunities for all students

We invite you to take a moment and review the handbook to help inform yourself on what Coalbanks Elementary has to offer and plan on implementing some strategies to help your child and yourself have a successful school year.  

Thank you for allowing us to work with your child.  We look forward to working with you throughout the year. We ask for your patience and cooperation, but ask that you contact us if any questions arise throughout the year or if you have suggestions.  

Joey Gentile