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Photo of Joey Gentile

Joey Gentile


Phone: 403-394-9076

Photo of Michelle Loveridge

Michelle Loveridge

Vice Principal

Administrative Assistants

Photo of Char Taylor

Char Taylor

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Cheryl Wright

Cheryl Wright

Administrative Support


Photo of Thea Costello

Thea Costello


Photo of Natasha Tompkins

Natasha Tompkins

Grade 1

Photo of Patti Caven

Patti Caven

Grade 1

Photo of Jessie Rieger

Jessie Rieger

Grade 1

Photo of Charlotte Kim

Charlotte Kim

Grade 1

Photo of Sierra Bennett

Sierra Bennett

Grade 1

Photo of Kristyn Jaffray

Kristyn Jaffray

Grade 2/3

Photo of Megan Esser

Megan Esser

Grade 2/3

Photo of Kyla Matthews

Kyla Matthews

Grade 2/3

Photo of Jill Walkey

Jill Walkey

Grade 2/3

Photo of Tamara Constantine

Tamara Constantine

Grade 2/3

Photo of Jacqui Peever

Jacqui Peever

Grade 2/3

Photo of Ahmad Ayedi

Ahmad Ayedi

Grade 2/3

Photo of Jared Hunt

Jared Hunt

Grade 2/3

Photo of Ana Rebolone Morrison

Ana Rebolone Morrison

Grade 2/3

Photo of Aja Thompson

Aja Thompson

Grade 2/3

Photo of Jeremy Sakamoto

Jeremy Sakamoto

Grade 4/5

Photo of Laurie Neher

Laurie Neher

Grade 4/5

Photo of Aimee Gast

Aimee Gast

Grade 4/5

Photo of Mike Wevers

Mike Wevers

Grade 4/5

Photo of Kristen Gilbert

Kristen Gilbert

Grade 4/5

Photo of Manuel Merchan

Manuel Merchan

Grade 4/5

Photo of Dale Friesen

Dale Friesen

Grade 4/5

Photo of Miranda Myndio

Miranda Myndio

Grade 4/5

Teachers - Kindergarten

placeholder image for Tara Bomhof

Tara Bomhof

Photo of Laurie Chinn

Laurie Chinn

English Kindergarten

Photo of Marnie Morton

Marnie Morton

Spanish Kindergarten

Learning Support Teacher

placeholder image for Katy Hilliard

Katy Hilliard

Support Staff

Photo of Abigail Wright

Abigail Wright

Learning Commons Facilitator

Student Support Worker

Photo of Kevin Taylor

Kevin Taylor

Educational Assistants

Photo of Cindy Doerksen

Cindy Doerksen

Photo of Connie Thackeray

Connie Thackeray

Photo of Donya Mugford

Donya Mugford

Photo of Floria Fenz

Floria Fenz

Photo of Jackie Wiebe

Jackie Wiebe

Photo of Jaime Fontaine

Jaime Fontaine

Photo of Mandi Young

Mandi Young

placeholder image for Renee Hauschildt

Renee Hauschildt

Photo of Sara Reamsbottom

Sara Reamsbottom

Photo of Shauna Sudo

Shauna Sudo

Photo of Sue Eggli

Sue Eggli


Photo of Madison Gallucci

Madison Gallucci

Evening Caretaker

Photo of Cinnamon Knibb

Cinnamon Knibb

Evening Caretaker

placeholder image for Brendan Maruyama

Brendan Maruyama

Head Caretaker

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