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General Guidlines for Administration of Medication/Personal Care

District staff may assist in the self-administration of medication by a student if so requested by the parent or guardian.  In such situations, the principal shall ensure that;

  1. Responsibility for the administration of prescribed medication rests with the parent or guardian.  Upon written request by the parent or guardian, District staff shall assist by providing safe storage for prescribed medications.  Parents and guardians should advise the school of all medications.
  2. Staff are not authorized to give consent for medical treatment for a student.
  3. Staff shall only directly administer medication to students in emergency situations (such as using an Epi-pen), or in situations in which the student is incapable of self-administration (such as when a student has a physical disability).
  4. Staff will administer medication in accordance with written instructions from the parents or guardians;
    1. Medications will be stored so as to prevent unauthorized access
    2. Procedures for dispensing of medication shall ensure each student receives the correct medication.
    3. A record will be kept for each occasion on which medication is dispensed to a student.
    4. In the case of regularly administered medication, written instructions shall be provided on an annual basis.
  5. At times, it may be deemed necessary to identify students with medical conditions to others in the school in order to ensure the proper safety and supervision of the student; however, in such a situation, the school shall be as respectful as possible to the student's right to privacy.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the administration of medications while at school, please contact the office.