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Scenario 3: Move to at-home learning

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Laurie Neher

Laurie Neher dreams to live in a world with: happy children, positivity, diversity, great books, beautiful art and music, a vast nature to explore and a force field around it all to repel the selfish, unkind, and greedy that sometimes tarnish the glow and growth of our precious youth.

As a teacher with almost 15 years of experience, she has taught kindergarten, grade two, four and five students. Laurie provides children with leadership opportunities and encourages them to embrace their own gifts and talents. She strives to reach the needs of all students and enjoys differentiating lessons, planning project -based learning opportunities, collaborating with colleagues and wishes she could teach every lesson outside.

When she is not teaching she is spending time with her lovely family: her husband Cal, and her eleven year old son Thomas. They spend their free-time, snowshoeing and skiing in the winter. And in all other seasons, enjoy cross-country biking, hiking and sometimes, if they are lucky, travelling abroad.

She is excited to begin a new exciting adventure at Coalbanks Elementary school. Laurie looks forward to being a part of building the new school community with energetic and dynamic staff and students!



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